Dear Notmuch folks,

I've been using notmuch exclusively (or almost, see below) for the past
couple of months and it is absolutely fabulous!  It also keeps getting
better for me, due for instance to the improved speed from the xapian
bug #250 being fixed, and Jesse and Jamie's code for setting Fcc (which
is working like a charm for me).

There were still two typical occasions when I needed to resort to
logging into Gmail: (a) to look at attachments and (b) to read html
mail.  Tonight, after some searching, I managed to get my emacs to do
(a), and it would be really sweet if I could also do (b) from notmuch in
emacs.  It's such a basic thing that I'm sure everybody else has it
figured out; in fact, I resisted the temptation to be lazy and ask about
this for quite some time, but nothing that I tried got me very far.  (To
be specific, my latest attempt involved w3m, and now when I press 'v'
within a message that has a text/html part, I see "Rendering... done"
followed by "Fontifying... done", but then nothing.)

Ideally, I'd like to be able to see what's hidden behind the 
"Non-text part: text/html", and if it could happen inline that would be
great.  I would also entertain the idea of opening an external browser
window, if that's the way this has to go.

Back in the days when I was using mutt, this could be done by adding
something like:

  in .muttrc:
  auto_view text/html

  in .mailcap:
  text/html; lynx -dump %s ; copiousoutput ; nametemplate=%s.html

Is something like this possible in notmuch+emacs?  (The alternative is
that I get procmail to send all html mail back to sender with a request
to resend as plain text, but most of the culprits won't know what I'm
talking about.)


Alex Ghitza -- Lecturer in Mathematics -- The University of Melbourne
-- Australia --

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