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> I'm curious as to what people are doing in this regard.

I am pretty good at evangelizing notmuch and converted another
person[0]... in doing so I realized I had to walk through a few issues
to get them started. 

The initial documentation for notmuch is really great, but the other
magical bits are missing, like "holy cow all my email is in my inbox
now!"; "how do I deal with folders?"; "do i run notmuch new every
time?"; "do you auto-tag things?"; "how do you deal with attachments?";
"how do you read encrypted email"? etc. etc. all of these getting
started with notmuch things... including the script that James just
posted, the getmail tagging stuff that was posted a little while back,

This stuff should go up on the wiki! There is a "Tips and Tricks for
using notmuch with Emacs" section, but more general things like James'
script and other people's scripts really should be put up there so
people who are new can figure out how to get started faster.

So this is just a call out to try and encourage people to put these
useful things that they have sent out to the list up onto the wiki! Most
people don't read all the past archives of a list when they first join,
but do check out the website for info on how to get going. I'm not
saying don't send things to the list either, just don't let the list be
the sink where these great tips go to die.


0. indirectly I believe am also responsible, through 3rd party
evangelizing, for James entering the scene as well, and I'm happy about
that because I have been quite pleased with his enhancements, thanks
james!. now I just need to buy him a drink and talk him into fixing the
openpgp bits ;)
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