I just wanted to drop a quick mail to the list to give you all my huge
thanks for this already astonishingly useful tool!  

Like a few others, it seems, I arrived here after reading a
not-very-grumpy review in the Grumpy Editor series[1].
Everything-is-a-search combined with CLI access?!  Sold!

I've been slowly moving all my day-to-day mailing needs to notmuch over
the last month and the only thing I'm missing is native message
decryption and verification support - is this being actively worked on,
I haven't seen it mentioned in a while?  Or is it feasible to add this
as a target for an upcoming merge window?  How far away are we from
something workable - are we just(!) looking for someone to stitch the
code together or do we need to brainstorm a little more exactly what the
approach is likely to be?

In the meantime, I find myself using the snippet from Tassilo in:

    id:87zl6cl595.fsf at thinkpad.tsdh.de

Which lets me jump to the selected encrypted message in Gnus and have it
in turn auto-decrypt the text.  Works well but does need a second mail
program ;-)

[1] http://lwn.net/Articles/380073/
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