On Tue, 02 Nov 2010 20:17:56 +0000, Darren McGuicken <mailing-notmuch at 
fernseed.info> wrote:
> I've noticed since rebasing to 0.4 that I'm seeing an empty entry in the
> 'All tags' view of notmuch-hello which appears to represent a search
> against 'tag:'.  

Continuing what's turning into an epic one-man list-noise generation
effort, I did a bit more digging and it looks like notmuch-hello
generates the list of tags for the 'All tags' view by processing each
line returned by 'search-tags'.

A call to 'notmuch search-tags' from the command line does indeed return
an empty string as the first entry for me[1].

Does that point to bad data on my part, or has the output of
'search-tags' changed recently?

If the former, any thoughts on how I differentiate an empty tag from
something untagged in a search so I can prune it?

[1] So we have an apparently empty tag being concatenated with a search
    string of 'tag:', which actually gives us a search for every message
    containing the word 'tag' rather than a tag-based search.
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