I'm trying to experiment with notmuch. 

As I understand it, notmuch does not handle mbox for input. The problem
is that all my mail is currently in mbox format.

So I first tried converting mbox to maildir using mb2md.

It didn't do a good job. When I subsequently tried importing to notmuch,
notmuch complained about lots of non-mail files - I confirmed that
indeed mb2md had botched converting those emails.

So then I tried to convert to mh format using Sylpheed. This seemed to
go well, but then when importing to notmuch, it complained again for
about 20 emails, and a manual check confirmed that some messages did not
get converted properly to mh (they don't show up in Sylpheed).

And then I noticed another discrepancy. mutt shows that I started with
44473 messages in mbox. When I imported into Sylpheed, it showed 44482
messages (no idea where the extra 9 came from). However, notmuch is
reporting that it processed 44482 files, but that it added 35602

Why only 35602 (it complained for only about 20 messages)? A search
confirmed that some messages that show up in both mutt (in mbox) and
Sylpheed (in mh format) were not indexed.

So I want to know: When you guys switched to notmuch, how did you ensure
you did not miss any emails. I really, really, really don't want to lose
any emails in this process!


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