Hi Jameson.

First of all, thank you for your effort on notmuch.  It is a great
project and I am happy to see it going forward (again)!

Can we include FCC fix in the 0.6 please?  It was broken in 0.5 (IIRC)
because of old configuration check.  There are two patches on the ML to
address it.  The first one is from Carl
id:"1290632444-10046-1-git-send-email-cworth at cworth.org" where the check
is just commented out.  Another one is a proper fix from David
id:"1290682750-30283-2-git-send-email-dme at dme.org".  It is part of a
patch series that adds some ERT (Emacs Lisp Regression Testing) support.
I see few options: apply a "fix" from Carl, apply ERT patch series from
David, or factor out the proper fix from David's series and apply it
separately.  Not sure what is the best.  Perhaps David can comment about
the ERT stuff.  I am fine with any option, just do not leave it as is,
i.e. broken.  I am ready to help with the factoring out the proper fix,
if all agree it is the best solution and no one (David?) volunteers for

Thank you,

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