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> On Mon, 16 May 2011 19:29:07 +1000, Stewart Smith <stewart at 
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> > Thought I'd share this bit of my .emacs snippet that may be useful to go
> > on the emacs tips page.
> > 
> > This does the following:
> > - sets up a list of possible identities to have mail From
> > - on composing mail, it prompts you for who you want to send mail from
> > - pressing enter will give you the default (first in the list)
> > - otherwise you have tab completion

This is great, guys.  I've been wanting to get something like this
working for a while now.

Have you guys looked at home message-mode does bbdb address completion
in the To: and From: headers?  It has the nice benefit of being able to
tab through all full addresses for a bbdb entry.  It would be nice to
have this function fill in a default address, with the cursor at the end
of the address, and then just tab through all the options without having
to type in anything.  ido is pretty cool, though, and accomplishes a
similar effect.

It would be nice to pull the addresses from the notmuch config, eg:

notmuch config get user.primary_email
notmuch config get user.other_email

I would ideally like to be able to choose the From: address right before
sending, as opposed to right before composing.  Has anyone tried to get
that working?  I was not having much luck with send-hooks, since it
looks like it expects the message to be complete at that point.

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