Hi all,

I'm using a version of notmuch based on cb84187 from the master branch
on notmuchmail.org/git/notmuch and am accessing it mostly through the
Emacs UI. Signature verification seems to work nicely, only decryption
fails for any message/thread that I've tried it on. The respective
notmuch process 
        notmuch show --format=json --decrypt 'id:x' 
starts eating all my CPU and doesn't return. Doing it on the command
line using gpg directly or going through Emacs' epa works fine. Most of
the test cases in crypto fail as well, but I'm not sure which ones are
actually supposed to work.

My OS is MacOS X, which seems to be non-existent among notmuch
developers and therefore might at some level be the cause. However, I
built gmime 2.4.24 (through a little modification to MacPorts'
respective Portfile) as was recommended on IRC at some point and am not
aware of any other incompatibilities.

I'm not sure how to identify the cause for this problem, do you have any
hints where to start searching?

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