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> On Thu, 02 Jun 2011 10:49:57 +0400, Dmitry Kurochkin <dmitry.kurochkin at 
> gmail.com> wrote:
> > Well, it says that changes are in notmuch 0.5.  So "old" and "previous"
> > refer to pre-0.5 (i.e. 0.4) and "new" refers to 0.5.
> Sure, but I happen to ahve already forgotten the details of how the
> variable could be configured in 0.4 and in 0.5. More importantly, anyone
> in the future reading the commit log is much more likely not to
> remember.
> > Any configuration when `notmuch-fcc-dirs' is a list.  That variable has
> > a nice documentation.
> Again, I'd like our commit messages to be self-contained. They are much
> more useful if the describe the change being made without assuming to
> much outside knowledge.
> > > It would be easier to understand the code if there were a corresponding
> > > test case for it.
> ...
> > I do not think we need a test for this fix.  What we need are tests for
> > FCC functionality when notmuch-fcc-dirs is a list.
> Yes!
> > Old configuration format was changed in 0.5 in an incompatible way.
> > There is a check for the unsupported old-style configuration.  But the
> > check is broken and results in an error when running with a valid
> > new-style configuration.
> This is actually what I meant by "corresponding test case". If the bug
> here is that a "new-style configuration" doesn't work , (and I still
> don't like that wording---don't say "new style"---explain what it
> actually *is*), then yes, we need a test case showing that bug.
> > I am not sure what you expect from the commit message here.  IMO it is
> > enough for this small bugfix and those who interested can always refer
> > to documentation for details.
> The commit message should provide a self-contained description of the
> change. It should be along the lines of:
>       When fcc-dirs is set to
>       <some-particular-datatype-that-should-work> notmuch was
>       incorecctly detecting this as the
>       <old-style-that-is-no-longer-supported> and generating an error
>       message. Fix the test so that this configuration now works.
> Where the <phrases> above should be replaced with actual descriptions,
> not relative pointers to information like "old style" or "new style".
> Does that make sense?

"notmuch was incorecctly detecting this as the ..." is not right.  It is
a wrong-type-argument lisp error (evaluating (length '(a . b))).  How

  Fix wrong-type-argument lisp error in `notmuch-fcc-header-setup' when
  `notmuch-fcc-dirs' is set to a list.  The error was in the
  `notmuch-fcc-dirs' format check which was changed in an incompatible
  way from 0.4 to 0.5.


> -Carl
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