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finestructure.net> wrote:
> Did you guys try to address the issue of tag removal at all?  I've been
> trying to decide if this is something we need to worry about or not.
> For instance, if cworth pushed a tag ".needs-review", you would probably
> want to have that tag removed if cworth removed it.  I guess
> alternatively he could just push the tag ".reviewed" to nullify the
> meaning of the previous one.  I'm not sure that would work in all cases,
> though.

Yes, if he deletes the tag "public.needs-review" in his notmuch, and
then pushes it, it will delete the tag "cworth.needs-review" from yours.

A couple points about this:

1. If you added your own "needs-review" tag to things that have a
"cworth.needs-review" tag, that wouldn't be deleted. In other words,
cworth's actions will only affect that namespace. Now, if you delete it,
and push it, and Carl pulls back from you (meaning he trusts you), then
it would be deleted on his. When he pushes next, it will be deleted on
everyone who pulls from him.

I'm sure there are resolution paradoxes here. It only had a ten-minute
trial run one day on IRC with me and someone else.

2. The history is available. If you run `nm-remote history msg-id`, it
will show you its history of being added and deleted. I think it will
show by whom it was added or deleted as well, but I don't quite remember
(I hacked this up over a year ago).

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