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> On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 22:14:21 +0200, Pieter Praet <pieter at praet.org> wrote:
> > Various typo fixes in docs, docstrings, comments, etc...
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Pieter Praet <pieter at praet.org>
> Thanks for these fixes, Pieter!

My pleasure.

> I've pushed these all out now. I split the original commit up into 6
> commits that each touch different kinds of text, (non-code text files,
> comments within source files, error messages within source files, etc.)
> The idea there is that these different kinds of text have different
> potential impacts on the correctness of the code. So some release
> manager might be willing to include one kind of change, but not another,
> for example.


> Also, it made things a bit easier to read. There were two incorrect typo
> fixes in the original commit which I fixed:
> > -    "\tSeveral notmuch commands accept a comman syntax for search\n"
> > +    "\tSeveral notmuch commands accept a command syntax for search\n"
> This is now "common syntax".
> > -    # Remember stdout and stderr file descriptios and redirect test
> > +    # Remember stdout and stderr file descriptions and redirect test
> This is now "file descriptors".
> And one change where I left the original text unchanged:
> >   * A non-NULL return value is guaranteed to be a valid string pointer
> >   * pointing to the characters "new/" or "cur/", (but not
> > - * NUL-terminated).
> > + * NULL-terminated).
> This comment uses "NULL" to describe a NULL pointer and "NUL" to
> describe the ASCII character '\0'. (I know that "NUL" is a really
> annoying historically misspelled abbreviation, but it is in standard
> usage I believe---see ASCII(7) for example.)

Prime examples of "or even made some new ones" [1] :D

> Meanwhile, I was almost tempted to leave this misspelling unchanged:
> > -    (error "%s is a file. Can't creat maildir." path))
> > +    (error "%s is a file. Can't create maildir." path))
> Since that's also a classic historically misspelled abbreviation. ;-)
> Oh, and let me just thank you for being so thorough! There were several
> fixes you made that could obviously not be caught by an automated spell
> checker:
> > ---part=id", (David Edmonson wants to rewrite some of "notmuch show" to
> > +--part=id", (David Edmondson wants to rewrite some of "notmuch show" to
> ...
> >  (defun notmuch-user-other-email ()
> > -  "Return the user.primary_email value (as a list) from the notmuch 
> > configuration."
> > +  "Return the user.other_email value (as a list) from the notmuch 
> > configuration."
> ...
> >  (defcustom notmuch-after-tag-hook nil
> > -  "Hooks that are run before tags of a message are modified.
> > +  "Hooks that are run after tags of a message are modified.
> ...
> > -The debian packaging exists in the top-level "debian" directory within
> > +The Debian packaging exists in the top-level "debian" directory within
> Those all demonstrate a particular eye for detail?well done! For a
> couple of those, I almost gave them their own commits.
> In passing, let me point out the most amusing typo I saw in the patch:
> > -} /* Appleasing Emacs */
> > +} /* Appeasing Emacs */
> I almost hate to see that go, because I like the pleasing portmanteau
> sound of "appleasing". Please applease me and leave this pleasing typo?
> Admittedly, that's not in code that's originally mine, so I can't say it
> wasn't intentional either.
> Finally, *many* of the typos and misspellings were originally mine. It's
> certainly embarrassing to see so many (and so many repeats). It was also
> embarrassing to see how many misspellings I committed while typing the
> commit messages, (fortunately I rebased many away).

Let's turn that around:

Comments and commit messages are (understandably) a mere afterthought
for most coders, including myself, and are thus often very terse or
even nonexistent, which automatically translates to less typos (y=kx).

You however, seem to be incredibly disciplined in this respect,
so statistically speaking, you're destined to become typo-king,
and you have every reason to be *proud* of it. :D

The only thing you could possibly have to be embarrassed about,
is insufficient laziness (which, for programmers, is considered a
virtue) ;)

> And now I'm starting to get paranoid about this message. Am I really
> brave enough to type words like "embarrassing", "misspelling", and
> "committed" here?
> Thanks again,
> -Carl
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