On Mon, 05 Dec 2011 22:36:06 +0000, Patrick Totzke wrote:
> These are the things I noticed when going through the code today:
> 1) in filenames.py,  __str__ of Filenames: should the return value be
>    '\n'.join(self._files)? alternatively, define __iter__ to make this object
>    behave as iterator.

To be honest, I don't remember why the code looks the way it looks, but
it certainly is not right like this. Defining __iter__ sounds like a
correct thing to me, but it could be that there was some reason why I
don't have it...
Feel free to implement a working __iter__ and provide a patch :-).

> 2) in message.py:  tags_to_maildir_flags and maildir_flags_to_tags never 
> return a
>    :class:`STATUS` as advertised.

But it has been doing that for, ...., 1 minute :-)
[master ecf8da3] python: Return a STATUS value in tags_to_flags and 


> I would like to see up-to-date API docs online, even if only the
> version string changed.
> Sebastian suggested using readthedocs.org for building and hosting APIdocs.

I currently manually upload a generated API doc to the
packages.python.org website. I kind of like that address because it
sounds official ;-), but it is manual work. I am currently not looking
into expending the efforts I have to do on python notmuch. So setting

> I tested this recently for alot and it looks quite promising.
> A simple http get and their build-host checks out the new sources from git 
> and builds
> them. This could be easily integrated into notmuch the release process.
> Comments on this?

I think that it would be cool to have that automatically been done on
notmuchmail.org. But given that it takes some work to set that up and
readthedocs.org is already there, I am all for using that for now.

> Lastly, does anyone have an opinion on how to share a TODO list/issue tracker
> for the bindings? I'm OK with github, we could move all this to the list
> and use David's nmbug..

Ohh, there is already notmuch::python in nmbug :-)

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