This is not another curses front-end for notmuch, this is mutt :-)

I have forked mutt to seriously integrate notmuch to this excellent e-mail
client. I don't want to use symlinks or any other hacks to emulate virtual
folders. My wish is mutt linked with libnotmuch.


 * in .muttrc defined virtual folders by notmuch queries

 * on-the-fly generate virtual folder from queries

 * add / remove / modify labels (notmuch tags)

 * support for INBOX --> archive use case

 * support <tag-prefix> (key ';') mutt functionality to work with set of 

 * all is implemented by regular mutt commands, so all is usable in user
   defined macros

More information:


 * add <entire-thread> command to display all e-mails that belongs to the same
   thread as the current message. This command will be useful when you have a 
   new email in your INBOX and you want to see the rest of the archived thread.

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