Felipe Contreras wrote:
> > vim -c ':NotMuchR'
> >
> > all I get is an error message:
> >
> > Error detected while processing command line:
> > E492: Not an editor command: :NotMuchR
> I don't know if you did anything special to get the normal plug-in to
> work. Maybe you are doing 'source ~/.vim/plugin/notmuch.vim' directly
> in your .vimrc, if so, you can try to do the same with notmuch vim
> ruby. What I have is 'filetype plugin on'.

After banging my head against the wall a bit more, I realised what
should have been obvious from the beginning: I need to have vim built
with ruby support.  So after grabbing the vim source and

    ./configure --enable-rubyinterp

I am now happily writing this from notmuch-ruby.  As obvious as this
should have been, do you think it deserves a short sentence at the top
of the == install == section of your README?


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