Aside from the minor comments I mentioned in previous emails and one
more comment below this looks good. 

The extra comment is that on emacs23 I get the following when compiling:

In end of data:
notmuch-show.el:2188:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be
    defined: libxml-parse-html-region, shr-insert-document

Finally, I have not really tested it as I mainly use emacs23

Best wishes


On Mon, 21 Apr 2014, Austin Clements <amdragon at MIT.EDU> wrote:
> I set out to quickly add support for cid: links in the shr renderer
> and wound up making our charset handling more robust and rewriting our
> content-ID handling.  The test introduced in patch 2 passes in all but
> one really obscure case, but only because of many unwritten and
> potentially fragile assumptions that Emacs and the CLI make about each
> other.
> The first three patches could reasonably go in to 0.18.  The rest of
> this series is certainly post-0.18, but I didn't want to lose track of
> it.
> This series comes in three stages.  Each depends on the earlier ones,
> but each prefix makes sense on its own and could be pushed without the
> later stages.
> Patch 1 is a simple clean up patch.
> Patches 2 through 7 robust-ify our charset handling in Emacs, mostly
> by splitting the broken `notmuch-get-bodypart-content' API into
> `notmuch-get-bodypart-binary' and `notmuch-get-bodypart-text' so a
> caller can explicitly convey their requirements.
> The remaining patches improve our content-ID handling and add support
> for cid: links for shr.
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