Hi all again,

I'm happily using "notmuch-addrlookup"[1] as "notmuch-address-command", in
my Emacs configuration.

As explained in my other message, yesterday I spent some time tweaking
that configuration and tried to replace it with the new "notmuch
address" introduced in version 0.19.

An (almost) equivalent of "notmuch-addrlookup foo" could be "notmuch
address to:foo* OR from:foo*", but it has at least one indesiderable
difference: it seems considering the "CC" field, but always emits the
"TO" content (i.e., assuming I have a message I sent to "john at doe.com"
and CCed to "foo at bar.com", "notmuch address to:foo" emits
"john at doe.com", not "foo at bar.com") so the candidates it generates are
way too much.

I don't know it that's done on purpose (I clearly miss the use case if

I wonder if it would be reasonable adding a "--complete" flag to the
"address" command that selects a more specific behaviour, so that
"notmuch address --complete foo":

a) automatically performs a partial match (i.e. it adds the '*' suffix
   on its own)

b) searches the given text only in the related headers (hiding the
   difference between "incoming" and "outgoing" messages, and not
   considering the body at all)

c) avoids the "bug"/"feature" explained above

What do you think?

Thank you,
ciao, lele.

[1] https://github.com/aperezdc/notmuch-addrlookup-c
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