On Sat, Jan 03, 2015 at 04:49:27PM +0100, David Bremner wrote:
> At the risk of bike-shedding, rewrite the configure check to be more
> "obvious". This is pretty subjective, but in particular I'm not a
> big fan of resetting RST2MAN at the bottom of every iteration of the
> for loop.  Also conform a bit more to the convention of using a
> lower case variable in configure and assigning it in Makefile.

I'm fine with all of these changes.

> @@ -854,6 +860,9 @@ HAVE_RST2MAN=${have_rst2man}
>  # Whether there's a doxygen binary available for building api documentation
>  HAVE_DOXYGEN=${have_doxygen}
> +# The path to the rst2man program for building documentation.
> +RST2MAN = ${rst2man}
> +
>  # The directory to which desktop files should be installed
>  desktop_dir = \$(prefix)/share/applications

I'd keep the RST2MAN entry right after HAVE_RST2MAN, instead of having
HAVE_DOXYGEN between them.


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