Hi David.

In general, "-" will negate a query term.  However, Xapian's query
syntax (to which notmuch is beholden) ignores "-" at the beginning of
a query (and immediately after an open paren).  Hence, if you want to
negate the first term in a query, you'll have to use "not" instead.

Hope that helps.

Quoth David Creelman on Jan 06 at  8:46 am:
> Hi Carl (et al),
> Thanks for notmuch. It's making my email setup a bit more efficient. I used 
> to be a filter to differnt
> mbox kind of person, but I'm a changed man now !!
> Just wondered, is it possible to negate a search in notmuch for emacs?
> I have a bunch of stuff that is in my inbox that I don't want to see and have 
> tried doing things like
>       -googlealerts-noreply
>       -from:googlealerts-noreply
> But it looks like the '-' is ignored....
> Is there a way of getting filtering? It looks like it's possible from the 
> command line application (with -
> and + on search terms).
> Regards,
> David
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