Bartosz Telenczuk wrote:
> Dear David, 
> (CC Ian and Franz)
> > Before Christmas we had a flurry of patches from Ian Main (in copy). I
> > think there is some functionality overlap with what you proposed. As far
> > as I know Ian has mainly been working on his private fork of the vim
> > client, but maybe if the two (or three, including Franz) of you can work
> > together to review each other's patches and polish things we can get
> > some of these things upstream.
> Thanks a lot for pointing me to Ian's patches. Indeed, some of the 
> functionality overlaps; this only means that these features are on everyone 
> wishlist. I will be happy to help Ian and Franz get these patches upstream.
> I am not familiar with the review process at NM. If someone could help me to 
> get started, I will be much obliged.
> Yours,
> Bartoz

Yeah that would be ideal.  Franz and I have been working in a github repo here:

There are a huge number of changes from what is in the notmuch tree though.
The idea of splitting out the patches and getting them in here is a bit
daunting but we could certainly try.  We also really wanted to refactor the
code but the pace has slowed now; probably because the client is very usable as
it is :).

Let me know what you think of the code base and if you are willing to help out
with merging the changes (lots of reviews I think mostly).


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