That was helpful! The output is:

Query(((Tmail AND 0 * QE5-a1wt6bgr-elaine/2/ AND_NOT (Kdeleted OR Kspam)))

Actually my config has "search.exclude_tags=deleted;spam" set, and the mail IS a spam mail. (I wanted to train bogofilter).

Did not know that such an exclusion occurs. Makes sense, though.

Adding --exclude=false to the search makes it behave well.

Thanks for the help!

David Bremner <> writes:

Jörg Volbers <> writes:
This is the ID which I am using for testing: E5-a1wt6bgr-elaine/2/
Can you try NOTMUCH_DEBUG_QUERY=y notmuch search id:E5-a1wt6bgr-elaine/2/ and report the output after "Final query is:" d


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