A concern for notmuch is some form of attack via someone sending a
message with a duplicate message id. I think I have seen it asserted
that it is not so much of a problem as the first message received by
notmuch will have priority.

However, I believe that this is not the case. The script below gives a
demonstration (on my system at least). I have written it as a "test" so
(I hope) it doesn't mess up the system. It should work if you put it in
the test directory and execute it.

It adds a message, runs notmuch new, adds a message with the same id,
runs notmuch new, and then runs notmuch search <id> and notmuch show
<id>. The former shows the subject of the first message, and the latter
the subject of the second message.

Best wishes


#!/usr/bin/env bash
test_description='Do duplicate message ids get shown in arrival order'
. ./test-lib.sh || exit 1

find ${MAIL_DIR}
generate_message [id]=duplicate-id [subject]=first [body]=first
mkdir "${MAIL_DIR}"/b
mv "$gen_msg_filename" "${MAIL_DIR}"/b
notmuch new
generate_message [id]=duplicate-id [subject]=second [body]=second
mv "$gen_msg_filename" "${MAIL_DIR}"/a
notmuch new
find ${MAIL_DIR}

echo SEARCH: observe \"first\" is the subject
notmuch search id:duplicate-id

echo SHOW: observe \"second\" is the subject and body
notmuch show --format=json id:duplicate-id |json_pp
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