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What's new in notmuch 0.26

Command Line Interface

Support for re-indexing existing messages

  There is a new subcommand, `notmuch reindex`, which re-indexes all
  messages matching supplied search terms.  This permits users to
  change the way specific messages are indexed.

  Note that for messages with multiple variants in the message
  archive, the recorded Subject: of may change upon reindexing,
  depending on the order in which the variants are indexed.

Improved error reporting in notmuch new

  Give more details when reporting certain Xapian exceptions.

Support maildir synced tags in `new.tags`

  Tags `draft`, `flagged`, `passed`, and `replied` are now supported
  in `new.tags`. The tag `unread` is still special in the presence of
  maildir syncing, and will be added for files in `new/` regardless of
  the setting of `new.tags`.

Support /regex/ in new.ignore

  Files and directories may be ignored based on regular expressions.

Allow `notmuch insert --folder=""`

  This inserts into the top level folder.

Strip trailing '/' from folder path for notmuch insert

  This prevents a potential problem with duplicated database records.

New option --output=address for notmuch address

Make `notmuch show` more robust against deleting duplicate files

The option --decrypt now takes an explicit argument

  The --decrypt option to `notmuch show` and `notmuch reply` now takes
  an explicit argument.  If you were used to invoking `notmuch show
  --decrypt`, you should switch to `notmuch show --decrypt=true`.

Boolean and keyword arguments now take a `--no-` prefix

Encrypted Mail

Indexing cleartext of encrypted e-mails

  It's now possible to include the cleartext of encrypted e-mails in
  the notmuch index.  This makes it possible to search your encrypted
  e-mails with the same ease as searching cleartext.  This can be done
  on a per-message basis by passing --decrypt=true to indexing
  commands (new, insert, reindex), or by default by running "notmuch
  config set index.decrypt true".

  Encrypted messages whose cleartext is indexed will typically also
  have their session keys stashed as properties associated with the
  message.  Stashed session keys permit rapid rendering of long
  encrypted threads, and disposal of expired encryption-capable keys.
  If for some reason you want cleartext indexing without stashed
  session keys, use --decrypt=nostash for your indexing commands (or
  run "notmuch config set index.decrypt nostash"). See `index.decrypt`
  in notmuch-config(1) for more details.

  Note that stashed session keys permit reconstruction of the
  cleartext of the encrypted message itself, and the contents of the
  index are roughly equivalent to the cleartext as well.  DO NOT USE
  this feature without considering the security of your index.


Guard against concurrent searches in notmuch-tree

Use make-process when available

  This allows newer Emacs to separate stdout and stderr from the
  notmuch command without using temporary files.

Library Changes

Indexing files with duplicate message-id

  Files with duplicate message-id's are now indexed, and searchable
  via terms and phrases. There are known issues related to
  presentation of results and regular-expression search, but in
  principle no mail file should be completely unsearchable now.

New functions to count files

  Two new functions in the libnotmuch API:
  `notmuch_message_count_files`, and `notmuch_thread_get_total_files`.

New function to remove properties

  A new function was added to the libnotmuch API to make it easier to
  drop all properties with a common pattern:

Change of return value of `notmuch_thread_get_authors`

  In certain corner cases, `notmuch_thread_get_authors` previously
  returned NULL.  This has been replaced by an empty string, since the
  possibility of NULL was not documented.

Transition `notmuch_database_add_message` to `notmuch_database_index_file`

   When indexing an e-mail message, the new
   `notmuch_database_index_file` function is the preferred form, and
   the old `notmuch_database_add_message` is deprecated.  The new form
   allows passing a set of options to the indexing engine, which the
   operator may decide to change from message to message.

Test Suite

Out-of-tree builds

  The test suite now works properly with out-of-tree builds, i.e. with
  separate source and build directories. The --root option to tests
  has been dropped. The same can now be achieved more reliably using
  out-of-tree builds.

Python Bindings

Python bindings specific Debian packaging is removed

  The bindings have been build by the top level Debian packaging for a
  long time, and `bindings/python/debian` has bit-rotted.

Open mail files in binary mode when using Python 3

  This avoids certain encoding related crashes under Python 3.

Add python bindings for `notmuch_database_{get,set}_config*`

Optional `decrypt_policy` flag is available for notmuch.database().index_file()


nmbug's internal version increases to 0.3 in this notmuch release.
User-facing changes with this notmuch release:

* Accept failures to unset `core.worktree` in `clone`, which allows
  nmbug to be used with Git 2.11.0 and later.
* Auto-checkout in `clone` if it wouldn't clobber existing content,
  which makes the initial clone more convenient.
* Only error for invalid diff lines in `tags/`, which allows for
  `README`s and similar in nmbug repositories.


New man page: notmuch-properties(7)

  This new page to the manual describes common conventions for how
  properties are used by libnotmuch, the CLI, and associated programs.
  External projects that use properties are encouraged to claim their
  properties and conventions here to avoid collisions.

What is notmuch
Notmuch is a system for indexing, searching, reading, and tagging
large collections of email messages in maildir or mh format. It uses
the Xapian library to provide fast, full-text search with a convenient
search syntax.

For more about notmuch, see https://notmuchmail.org
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