> Thanks for doing that!  If you need any backup in the discussion, or if
> you think that your suggestion is not being taken as seriously as is
> warranted, i'd be happy to try to help explain the issues to the MELPA
> folks -- contact me directly offlist if you want to coordinate on this.

Thanks for the offer!  FWIW, I've opened an issue here:


> I think if you use the github mirror, you might just be pushing off
> cleartext fetching to someone else, since that mirror appears to be
> synced over http itself :/  I don't actually know who maintains that
> mirror, and i don't know how to update where it syncs from...

I had been hoping that the mirror was updated by a notmuch contributor
who had access to the main repository and could fetch the code over ssh,
though in any case this is now irrelevant.

> However, Carl Worth (in Cc) just mentioned on IRC that he set up https
> for the official notmuch repo!  So please use this URL:

>    https://git.notmuchmail.org/git/notmuch

> Thanks Carl! :)

That's brilliant. Thanks very much (and thanks Carl)!

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