Javier Garcia <javiert...@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm configuring notmuch in a multi-account directory. I want it to tag
> spam and deleted mails using a post hook. Using regexes with parentheses
> fails, or perhaps I misunderstood the documentation. The following one
> liner replicates the problem I face.
> $ notmuch search 'folder:/^.*/(Junk|Spam)$/'
> notmuch search: A Xapian exception occurred
> A Xapian exception occurred parsing query: unmatched regex delimiter in
> '/^.*/(Junk|Spam'
> Query string was: folder:/^.*/(Junk|Spam)$/


 notmuch search 'folder:"/^.*/(Junk|Spam)$/"'
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