Hi Tomi, notmuch-emacs developers,
* Tomi Ollila <tomi.oll...@iki.fi> [2018-04-21; 20:38]:
> That doesn't mean there could not be a bug there, just
> that I cannot reproduce it...

Thanks for your investigation.

I now prepared a minimal example, please extract the archive in
/tmp.  It contains a quite minmalistic .notmuch-config, a Maildir
with one email and a test script which runs notmuch new, notmuch
tag, starts emacs with no configuration and hopefully shows
notmuch-hello.[1] Please klick on "show", you'll see only one
tag: "spam", klick on "spam" you'll see this one email shown with
its four (!) tags: "inbox", "new" and "certaintag" are not shown
in "All tags".

At least this is what I see with emacs25 and emacs27 and current

Do you see the same?

Thanks for investing time in this issue.  Regards, gregor

[1] The script tries to guess your notmuch/emacs source path as
load-path for emacs.  If this fails please edit the emacs
invocation according to your local setup

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