Dear all,

My name is Domingo, an emacs user and a newbie to notmuch.
Previously, I used gnus for email related tasks, however at some point it
became very slow for daily use.
Reading blogs, I show a big base of users of emacs + offlineimap + notmuch.
I must tell you that, after installing it, I was impressed. Searching for
is really fast and intuitive.

I am excited to learn more about it. Right now, I have some questions:

   - How can I sort the messages in a thread from the newest to oldest?
   - Some emails are answers to emails that I sent and contain things like: On
   09/08/18 13:13, <MY NAME> wrote: Is it possible to not show it by
   default? and is it possible to set a key to show it again?
   - Also in a thread, using notmuch-show, is there any key to move to the
   next message of the thread?


Best regards,
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