On Wednesday, 2018-10-17 at 10:06:18 +02, Jeff Templon wrote:

> Hi,
> So I do a search like this in notmuch emacs:
> tag:spam
> and what comes up is something like this ...
>   2013-07-27 [1/1]   ASN Bank             SURF***SPAM***6.8 ASN Bank: 
> Belangrijke update mededeling (lists lists/grid spam)
>   2013-07-27 [1/1]   Overdracht van geld  SURF***SPAM***5.7 Uw account is 
> geactiveerd. (spam)
>   2013-07-26 [1/1]   Full Name            SURF***SPAM***6.2 Need (spam)
>   2013-07-16 [1/14]  Carlos Zorraquino... SURF***SPAM***6.2 Re: CHEP2013 
> Proceedings: invitation to submit a full paper for your contribution (spam)
>   2013-07-15 [1/1]   Rabo Bank            SURF***SPAM***5.8 2013 Rabo Bank 
> Algemene voorwaarden en informatie (spam)
> I take a look and decide I want to delete a bunch of messages, but take
> a look at the fourth in the list - this is one where the SURF spam
> filter has decided that one of the messages in the thread is spam, but
> the entire thread has shown up here.  If I take bulk action on such a
> buffer, I've seen before that most commands work on the threads and not
> the messages themselves, like the 'k' command.
> So how do I make sure that I'm operating on the messages themselves
> (only one of the 14 messages is marked 'spam') and not the threads?

In this context, does it matter? If you remove 'spam' from the entire
thread it will affect only that one message, as it's the only one with
the tag.

> Thanks.  BTW I like notmuch pretty much.
> JT
> ps while I'm at it - inline display of attachments or in any case firing
> up an external viewer?  I only know about hitting return on the
> attachment link and having it saved to a file.

On the button for a part you can hit “. ?” to see the various
keybindings available there, including opening the part, saving to a
file, etc.

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