Let me first say that I am a very happy user of notmuch+emacs.  Once the
initial setup and configuration was done, usage has been a very pleasant
experience.  It daily saves me from getting lost in the constant torrent
of incoming e-mail, where most need replies or to be forwarded to others
to deal with.

One thing that I have not been able to configure is the handling of
forwarded messages.  Forwarded messages are archived as new messages,
not linked to the messages being forwarded.  This makes it hard to keep
track of which messages I have forwarded (and therefore is in the hands
of someone else).  I would like the messages to be linked into the same

From what I understand, it would be sufficient if
notmuch-mua-new-forward-messages (or something further down the call
chain) would add the Message-Id of the forwarded message to the
References header line of the new message.  This is what happens when
using reply instead of forward.

Manually adding such a references-head before sending seems to have
the desired effect of linking them into the same thread.  Also, from
what I can see, gmail does indeed include such a Refrerences-head when
doing forward.

Adding to the wishlist; it would be nice if forwarded messages could
also be tagged as "forwarded", much like how replied messages are tagged
"replied".  I guess this could be done via some sort of forward-hook,
but I can not find anything like this.

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