On Mon 2019-05-27 07:12:52 -0300, David Bremner wrote:
> I think you also need to add a definition for header_name to schemata
> (in the same way that messageid is defined as a string).

thanks, done in v3, which you should see shortly.

> The name "header-mask" is a bit generic, but I don't have my head in
> this topic like you do. I was thinking of something like
> "replaced-headers", but it's only a mild suggestion.

i went through several variations on this, and settled finally on
header-mask.  I considered "masked-headers" and "replaced-headers" but
ultimately discarded them because they were unclear as to whether the
thing they were showing was the thing that was masked/replaced, or the
thing that was doing the masking/replacing.

I think that "header-mask" is unambiguous in indicating that its
contents are the things that are doing the masking-replacing, so i'd
prefer to stick with it. (though i'm willing to entertain other
proposals that have the same lack of ambiguity)


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