Le 09/06/2019 à 21:58, Daniel Kahn Gillmor a écrit :
We do expose this functionality in the library, so it's not the end of
the world to expose it in the python bindings, but i do worry a little
bit about encouraging people to fiddle with markers set by the indexer.

Conflicts could be easily avoided by recommending a prefix like "x-<project>-" to property names (see link below).

So: no objections from me to the idea of the functionality here -- if
someone thinks this is useful for some project, i hope they'll speak up
for how they plan to use it.

I'm writing a MUA, and am using properties to store an excerpt of each message, so the MUA can show a preview of each message (like the Gmail web app, or Apple mail client).

Some pleople recently suggested sync info or other MUA metadata:

That said, i'd love it if at least the docstrings for functions which
modify properties included some concise, thoughtful suggestion that
encourages collaboration with the community and urges caution when
potentially tampering with properties used by other parts of the

I took the documentation from notmuch.h but only edited to be consistent with Python. Those warnings should also be added in notmuch.h, right?
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