I'd like to repeat my wish to add some kind of search limit to notmuch show, like it is already implemented in notmuch search. Reason being that I written have my own little elisp client which allows me to browse through "tagsets", that is, I look at all mails corresponding to some predefined sets of tags. On the left the tagset, on the right a preview of the matching threads. Since it is only a preview, it simply makes no sense to execute all of the query, so it would be great if I could simply pass some limits to the query.

I believe my use case is not rare. A combination like the parameters offset/limit already used by notmuch-search would allow to considerably speed up all kind of client operations. The client could just act on smaller parts or impose sensible limits. For example, if looking at all mails, it makes sense to only show the first 500 or so and only load further mails on request.



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