On Sun 2019-09-01 23:09:46 +0300, Tomi Ollila wrote:
> Whitespace in $NOTMUCH_SRCDIR (and $PWD) may work in builds,
> but definitely will not work in tests. It would be difficult
> to make tests support whitespace in test filename paths -- and
> fragile to maintain if done.
> So it is just easier and safer to disallow whitespace there.
> In case of out of tree build $NOTMUCH_SRCDIR differs from $PWD
> (current directory). Extend this whitespace, and also previously
> made unsafe characters check to $PWD too.

This is a sad constraint to have, but i understand it and i think Tomi's
patch is both a sensible guard, and a realistic acknowledgement of the
state of play today.  If someone wants to fix it (which would be great),
they can remove these checks when they fix it.

LGTM, please merge.


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