On Thursday, 2019-11-21 at 14:37:44 -07, Sean Whitton wrote:

> The function `org-notmuch-follow-link' in {org,ol}-notmuch.el calls
> `notmuch-show' with an arbitrary notmuch search query.  However, the
> docstring for `notmuch-show' specifies that a notmuch thread ID, rather
> than an arbitrary notmuch query, should be supplied to `notmuch-show'.
> The effect of this is that the variable `notmuch-show-thread-id' may
> contain an arbitrary search query rather than a thread ID.  That broke
> some code of mine which uses that variable.

Could you explain how you were using `notmuch-show-thread-id' in a way
that was broken by the presence of an arbitrary query?

(Not arguing right or wrong, just trying to understand the problem.)

> `org-notmuch-follow-link' needs to continue to accept an arbitrary query
> (as notmuch thread IDs are not stable), but it should convert it to a
> thread ID before passing it to `notmuch-show'.

I'd rather be with you than flying through space.
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