I chatted with dme on #notmuch@freenode on this topic, and he pointed me
in the right direction.

In notmuch-search of the Emacs interface, the "count" variable shows
"search-query-matches/messages-in-thread", and I would like it to show
"unread-search-query-matches/messages-in-thread", as a way of being able
to tell how much work it will be to catch up with new messages a long
thread.  eg: more like the conventional "unread/total" thread summary
used by most MUAs.

(concat search-query-matches notmuch-search-count-attribute) seems like
it would do the trick, where notmuch-search-count-attribute=" +unread",
and based on the discussion with dme, it seems like supporting something
like the :count-query attribute (like notmuch-hello does) would do the
trick, but that said, it would be really nice to be able to use a method
that doesn't require duplication of the content of ":query" in

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