Jonas Bernoulli <> writes:

> David Bremner <> writes:
>> A quick git grep suggests there are still cl-isms in the test-harness.
> I've fixed that now, see v2.
>> I get 3 test failures
> I am having issues running the tests.  Currently
> notmuch-mua-send-and-exit in emacs_deliver_message from
> just hangs for me.  I haven't investigated further yet.  So I am
> afraid you'll have to run the tests for me again.

There are still 2 failures. There is a lingering 'second' in and a failure that I don't really understand from
T720-emacs-attachment-warnings (had to edit the embeded mml to send this
message :()

T720-emacs-attachment-warnings: Testing emacs attachment warnings
 FAIL   notmuch-test-attachment-warning part 1
        Expect: t
        Output: "nil <-- (lambda nil (insert \"Hello
        \") (insert \"#mml type=message/rfc822 disposition=inline>
        \") (insert \"X-Has-Attach:
        \") (insert \"#/mml>
        Expect: t
        Output: "nil <-- (lambda nil (insert \"> I sent you an attachment!
        \") (sit-for 0.01))"
        Expect: t
        Output: "nil <-- (lambda nil (insert \"#part filename=\\\"foo\\\" />
        Expect: t
        Output: "nil <-- (lambda nil (insert \"Here is an attachment:
        \") (insert \"#part filename=\\\"foo\\\" />
        Expect: t
        Output: "nil <-- (lambda nil (insert \"Nothing is a-tt-a-ch-ed!
        Expect: t
        Output: "nil <-- nil"

I don't mind being your test runner, but I'm a bit slow for a CI
system;). We also have a travis setup, so you could use that if you
like. Of course by default we'll get IRC notifications of your failures
unless you edit .travis.yml

Or of course you can/should get the tests running locally. I don't
recognize the problem description. It might be related to missing test
prereqs. We depend on dtach which is less commonly installed.

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