[Again sorry for double reporting.  BTW, where should I search for
previous bugs?  I've currently tried the mailing list archive.]

Trying to play with `notmuch` from a wrapper, I've stumbled upon the
following command line flags handling bug:

notmuch show --format json --entire-thread true --body false --
notmuch show --format json --entire-thread true --body=false --
#=> yields nothing

notmuch show --format json --entire-thread=true --body false --
#=> yields some emails

notmuch show --format json --entire-thread=true --body=false --
#=> yields lots of emails

I would expect that `--flag value` and `--flag=value` are equivalent,
at least for the options that the manual states `--flag=(true|false)`.

However based on the previous experiments it seems that using anything
except `--flag=value` yields inconsistent results.

Hope it helps,
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