Hi everyone!

I have just tagged alot v0.9.1; You can get it via the github repository here 

There were several cool new features including, finally, a way to display and 
manipulate message MIME structure.
We've included a bunch of bug fixes and patches that make alot more in line 
with the steadily maturing email library from pythons standard lib.

Usage updates since v0.9:
* focus in search mode is preserved when refreshing
* feature: new 'togglemimepart' cmd in thread mode toggles between plain and 
html alternative
* feature: add "togglemimetree" command to thread mode
* envelope mode: "unattach" command is now "detatch"
* feature: respect mailcap entry for text/plain to enrich plain text parts with 
ANSI codes

As usual, a quick hall of fame of recent contributors:
$ git shortlog -s -n 0.9...
    12  Patrick Totzke
     8  ryneeverett
     6  Lucas Hoffmann
     5  pacien
     2  Samuel Trégouët
     1  Andreas Rammhold
     1  Antoine Tenart
     1  Frank LENORMAND
     1  Gaute Hope
     1  Jordan Justen
     1  Mārtiņš Mačs

New bug reports, feature or pull requests via the projects github page [0] are 
always welcome.


[0]: https://github.com/pazz/alot
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