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On Thu, May 21 2020, Anton Khirnov wrote:

> ping

Great (an important) stuff in this series !

...just that...

Floris did good review on your changes the next day.

What I remember was there (looked 30 mins ago)

- style: somewhat important (I press more there). Easy to get better,
         good and consistent style makes it better

- docs in code: like Floris mentioned, the docs in commit messages are
                are not seen by user. The relevant documentation is 
                to be with the code. commit message tells what was done
                and why

- tests: since pytest is used to test the current notmuch2 cffi python
         tests, all new code that can be tested pytest code to do so
         is to be added

And these have to be done now -- postponing such a things into future
will just mean that it never happens, and the messines and entropy of
the notmuch code gets even greater in such a case...

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> Anton Khirnov

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