Frank LENORMAND <> writes:

> Hi,
> The original Python bindings follow the entire repository's version
> number[1]. The new Python bindings use `0.1`[2].
> The Debian package[3] follows the same version number as well, but
> it's starting to confuse maintainers of packages for other environments
> (e.g. Pypi[4]), who use `0.1` because that's what's in the code.

Since I'm (also) the Debian maintainer, I guess you know my view
already. I don't really see the need for an extra version number for the
cffi bindings. I'd be happy to provide the same kind sed hackery to keep
the two in sync as is done for the old bindings.

Floris might have some good reason in mind for the divergence. I will
say it's a pain in Debian to have different binary packages (.deb's)
built from the same source with different version numbers. So I'd need
to be convinced.
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