On Thursday, 2020-06-18 at 14:11:20 +02, Jörg Volbers wrote:

> Hi there,
> When showing a message with notmuch-show, I'd love to highlight 
> the file attachment part. I want to distinguish them from the 
> other mml stuff which I usually do not need to care about. Is 
> there any easy way to determine that part programmatically?

Modifying the button part based on whether the part in question is
structural or leaf should enable you to then apply different formatting.

Structural parts will, I think, always have a :content attribute that is
a list.

> Looking at the text properties in the show buffer, these parts 
> seem to be simple buttons with no special property. If notmuch 
> show would add a text property when inserting these particular 
> buttons, one could simply add a face overlay or something. Or it 
> could be wrapped in a special face.

I got a girlfriend that's better than that.
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