Hi Thore, notmuch folks,

I noticed that Thore published notmuch2 on PyPI.  I think this is
because alot needs it's users to be able to pull it in as a dependency
using the normal Python mechanisms?

It seems this is currently published from a fork at
https://github.com/weilbith/notmuch2-python-bindings and I wondered if
it was possible to publish this directly from the main notmuch repo or
even integrate this into the normal notmuch release process.  What are
the pros and cons of this?  Is it a bad idea to tie these two publishing
mechanisms too close together?  To difficult to do bugfix releases?  Is
it too hard to make pypi publishing frictionless enough for the main
release process?

An cool stretch goal would be to publish manylinux wheels with the
library included.  But let's not get too hung up on that, small steps
are great.

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