Patrick Totzke <> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> First off, thanks for your work on notmuch2, Floris!
> Just to clarify: alot does not, and will not, depend on packages being on PyPI
> and is not intended to be installed through pip. I simply don't want to 
> provide
> support for this.
> This said, I don't think it is difficult to automate pypi uploads and it 
> cannot
> hurt to have an "official" release up there instead of several unmaintained
> corpses over the years.
> Cheers,
> P

Notmuch as a project does not currently distribute any binary packages,
whether for linux distros or for PyPi, or fancy new things like flatpaks
or snaps.  A few of the notmuch developers are also Debian developers,
and also maintain notmuch in Debian. We find it convenient to have the
source for the Debian packaging in the notmuch repos, and maintain it
via the notmuch mail based review process.  Other linux distros like
Arch, Fedora, and OpenSUSE are maintained by people less involved with
upstream development, and they maintain the packaging separately. For
me, Pypi packages fall into the same category as other binary packages
that I don't use. In principle pypi packages could be maintained the
same way Debian packages are. That would require someone knowledgable
about the notmuch build system, and about pypi. 


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