Frank LENORMAND <> writes:
> For example, 0.30.1, with the first two numbers coming from the main
> repository, and the last one acting as major for the bindings.
> 0.29.3 → 0.29.1
> 0.30-rc2 → 0.30.1-rc2
> etc.

I'm mainly interested in supporting two use cases for notmuch: building
everything from source, and binary packages of released versions. We've
already gone to some trouble to tell Emacs users that try to mix and
match versions that they are on their own, and this seems to apply even
more strongly to bindings users.
With that said, if Floris thinks some hierarchical version is useful,
and is willing to maintain it, I can live with it. I would ask that:

1) You keep the whole "upstream" version number. So the first example
would be  0.29.1 is a previous version of notmuch, and that
ambiguity can only cause trouble.

2) You don't insert things in the middle. So the second example would be

3) You have some way to distinguish between the notmuch version 0.30.1,
and the bindings version 0.30(.1) . I'd suggest using something
different than '.'  as a separator, but I don't know what the python
toolchain will tolerate.

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