David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

>> But part of my question is, *should* this be improved?  Am I
>> interpreting notmuch's intended API correctly?
> Well, I agree you should get NOTMUCH_STATUS_XAPIAN_EXCEPTION back, or we
> should change the docs to say "just don't do that".

Arguments in favour of the latter:

1) several API calls don't return notmuch_status_t, so can't literally

2) notmuch_message_get_{message,thread}_id promise never to return NULL,
   has no way to report errors.

I think it would probably make sense to say (if notmuch_database_reopen)
existed, that if you call notmuch_database_close, don't call anything
else except notmuch_database_reopen or notmuch_database_destroy.


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