I usually use notmuch in emacs under X windows on arch linux.  Recently,
I've had a problem where some screens in notmuch take several minutes of
100% CPU time to load.  For example, I'll just open a search, and emacs
will completely lock up (even Ctrl-G doesn't do anything) for 3 minutes
while my fan spins and my laptop battery drains significantly.

This appears to be related to the display of certain unicode characters
in email--particularly if they are in the email subject, because then
the whole search screen will freeze.  So far, the only workaround I've
found is to kill -15 emacs, start it again in an xterm or urxvt with
"emacs -nw", delete or archive the offending message, and then restart
the Xorg emacs.  This is quite painful particularly since it's not
always obvious which email message is causing the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Is there any way to
workaround the problem by, for instance, defaulting to unibyte mode for
notmuch buffers?  I do use unicode for other languages, but I guess
wouldn't mind having to type "M-x toggle-enable-multibyte-characters" to
get them if as a result my emacs never locked up.

It's likely that this is an emacs-wide problem, but since whatever these
characters are only show up in email, I'm hoping there are people on
this list who know how to solve the problem or have better workarounds.

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