On Sun 08 Nov 2020 at 06:49PM +01, Jonas Bernoulli wrote:

> This reverts commit f9fbd1ee3bfd679175d88af403752d87a730349f.
> Emacs provides a mechanism for avoiding wiping out buffer-local
> variables: marking them as "permanent local", which essentially
> means "don't wip out the local value when enabling major-mode".
>   (put 'the-variable 'permanent-local t)
> See (info "(elisp)Creating Buffer-Local").
> Whether refreshing the buffer contents should involve re-enable the
> mode is a different question, which should not be decided based on
> the fact that we want keep the value of some random variable, not
> least because some other (e.g. cache) variables are likely expected
> to be wiped.

Nice, thank you for the info.  I've tested that my usecase works after
reverting the patch so I support reverting it.

Reviewed-by: Sean Whitton <spwhit...@spwhitton.name>

Sean Whitton
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