I'm using gccemcs under WSL2 and trying to switch from mu4e to notmuch.
One thing I immediately like about notmuch is that it's much more faster
than mu4e.

But I also almost immediately ran into some issues. The one that bothers me
the most is,
when I hit ENTER to open a long thread from notmuch-search mode, it takes a
very long time to load.
Sometimes, this can take 30 seconds or more. My understanding is that
notmuch needs to load all the messages
(in my case, I tried threads with 20+ messages), and the default shr
renderer is not great at dealing with large amount of data.

After some research, I found that setting mm-text-html-renderer to links
would reduce the load time from <a long time>
to around 2 seconds or less. But one small issue with this is some
characters are not displayed correctly, for example the
RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK, which would be displayed as \342\200\231

A bit more research lead me to the toggle-enable-multibyte-characters
function, I found that if I invoke this function
twice interactively, the display would be fixed.

I guess my question is, how do I make notmuch-show display characters like
when I use links as html renderer? And why would invoking
 toggle-enable-multibyte-characters fix the issue?
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