I send mail with either global C-x m (compose-mail) or from my gnus buffer when 
I reply to a message. In both cases, if I happen to have visited a notmuch 
search result previously, it has changed my headers and completion methods. 
Yeah, over-writing mail-user-agent seems to be the case -- I see that is 
exactly what has happened. Any idea how can I stop it?

- Tory

David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> web...@toryanderson.com (Tory S. Anderson) writes:
>> As an emacs user, I use notmuch for searching and indexing my mail,
>> and love it. The only problem is that every time I open a message in
>> notmuch, it overwrites my message configuration for sending mails. In
>> particular, it seems to change my headers, and my
>> completion-methods. I need to reset this every time right now. How can
>> I prevent Notmuch from messing with any of these?
> How are you sending mail?  Do you end up in notmuch-message-mode (in the
> mode line it looks like Message[Notmuch])?
> I see that notmuch.el overrides mail-user-agent, which I guess maybe it
> shouldn't.  For what it's worth, the code to do that is more than 10
> years old.
> d
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