On 2021-05-25, 22:41 +0300, Tomi Ollila <tomi.oll...@iki.fi> wrote:

> On Fri, May 21 2021, Protesilaos Stavrou wrote:
>> The minibuffer-prompt face that was used before made it impossible to
>> differentiate between two distinct UI elements: (i) the prompt's text
>> which itself cannot be acted upon, (ii) the actionable keys used to
>> jump to searches/tags.
>> The use of a named face, notmuch-jump-key, makes it possible for users
>> or theme developers to apply properties that are specific to each of
>> those two cases.
>> In the interest of backward compatibility, the new face inherits from
>> minibuffer-prompt.
> This looks like a good change. How does one test this
> and see the difference?
> Tomi

Hello Tomi!

By default there will be no visual difference with how it was before.
Just so that we do not upset existing users.

Something like this can be used to change the new face (for demo

(set-face-attribute 'notmuch-jump-key nil :background "blue" :foreground 
"white" :weight 'bold)

All the best,

Protesilaos Stavrou
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