On Wed 2021-05-26 23:34:47 -0400, Kyle Meyer wrote:
> Daniel Kahn Gillmor writes:
>> I worry that this is due to one of the two following commits but my
>> elisp-foo is weak enough that i don't know what the right next steps are:
> It's due to the second commit, 05a436f7 (emacs: don't fset keymaps,
> 2020-11-11).  You could avoid the error by dropping the quote from the
> keymap variable, changing
>   (define-key 'notmuch-show-mode-map "j" 'dkg-notmuch-show-handle-junk)
> to
>   (define-key notmuch-show-mode-map "j" 'dkg-notmuch-show-handle-junk)

Thanks, this does resolve the issue for me.  I see the patch was
discussed briefly on-list back in November before being merged.

I wonder how many other users will have this problem when upgrading, i
don't know how widespread the use of the quoted variables are in
~/.emacs.  In some sense their removal is a change to the elisp API :/

The conservative API designer in me suggests that rather than removing
these elements directly, we should deprecate first, warning if people
use them (and those warnings should include guidance on how to avoid the
warnings).  Then, after sufficient time has passed, drop the deprecated

This isn't important for me anymore (the issue is resolved for me,
thanks Kyle!), but maybe it will be for others?

If we don't want to go through the full hassle of deprecation and delay
before final removal, it seems like a mention in NEWS is at least



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